The Oxford Centre for Eating Disorders provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy-Enhanced (CBT-E), the leading evidence-based treatment for adults with an eating disorder.

CBT-E is an individualised treatment which addresses the patient's eating disorder psychopathology. It involves creating a personalised formulation which identifies the processes that are maintaining the person's eating problem and consists of strategies and procedures which focus on addressing these. The treatment is individualised for the patient's particular difficulties and evolves according to their progress.

CBT-E is a fixed-length treatment. The majority of patients receive 20 sessions over 20 weeks. Treatment for individuals who have a BMI between 16.0 - 17.5 generally involves 40 sessions over 40 weeks. 

CBT-E was developed by the Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford (CREDO), Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford and is endorsed by NICE (2017). For more information please visit: 

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidance for Eating Disorders: Recognition and Treatment

Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford (CREDO)


We accept both self-referrals and referrals from professionals. To refer yourself and book a first appointment please visit our treatment page.

Referrals from professionals should include the individual's name, contact details, date of birth, gender, GP details, BMI, presentation and risk. Should you wish to send a referral to us, then please do use our referral forms below. If you are sending the Standard Referral Form, then please e-mail this to

Standard Referral Form

Online Referral Form

Please note that we do not see patients who meet the following exclusion criteria:

  • Compromised physical health (for example, recent rapid weight loss of 0.5kg or more per week or electrolyte disturbance requiring hospital admission)

  • BMI below 16.0 or above 40.0

  • Suicide risk

  • Severe clinical depression

  • Persistent substance misuse

  • Significant self-harm

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you'd like to discuss a referral or have any questions.

Email:  Tel: 01865 238414


All patients are required to provide details of their registered GP before starting therapy. We kindly ask that the GP maintains medical responsibility for the patient's physical health during treatment and keeps us informed of any changes to their medication.

Recommendations on the medical management of people with eating disorders can be found within the Marsipan guidelines.

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